4 communication tips that will instantly make your life easier

WHAT we actually say accounts to only 7% of what is perceived during a conversation. The rest is determined by HOW we say it. Those 4 tips can help you to control how you are perceived and how you react in difficult situations.

  • Perceive neutrally

Most of our problems concerning communication come to place because of differs in the ways we think. Each of us has his or her own perception and we make interpretations based on our own view. Different thinking leads to misconceptions and to conflicts.

We can’t control the conception of others but we actually CAN DO is controlling how WE interpret things.

My tip for you is: Try to interpret conversations in a neutral way. Don’t get offended too fast – just take the clear message of your opposite without mixing it up with complex feelings.

  • Set communication goals

This one may sound weird but can save lots of hours and nerves. Either it might be a professional or personal conversation – always set goals. When you know that you will have that talk, sit down and sketch your most desired and non-acceptable outcomes.

If you yourself don’t even know what outcome you are expecting, you will never get it. Try to make clear what you want from that conversation and what intentions you have. You could even try to communicate your goals so that your opposite can work with your intentions and understand why the conversation even takes place.

  • Build rapport

Rapport is known as interpersonal connection and is used to define harmony between two people. When two people try to adjust to each other’s body language and talking tonality, the outcome of the conversation can change drastically. Rapport can be build by one person by adjusting his tonality, pace and body language to the other person. This will lead to harmony between the conversation partners.

  • Control your status

In the sense of communication status is defined as the room and time you take while communication. This means that if you make use of a big space and move slowly while communicating you will seem to have more authority, in the opposite case you might seem unsecure or just kind. You can easily control how you are perceived and you should always do that. Define your communication goals and be aware of how you want to be perceived.

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