Stop being speechless - Three ways to instantly hold a speech

Sometimes In life, we get into situations where someone wants us to hold a spontaneous speech. Imagine you attend a friends wedding and out of a nothing it’s your turn to come up with a speech within two minutes. Or we all know the situation when we want to say something, but we can’t find the correct words. No matter if it’s a colleague asking us a tough question, a stranger approaching us with something unexpected or any other situation that we are not prepared for — it always ends up with us struggling to perform the perfect speech.

So let’s say I would ask you to instantly start talking about “chewing gum”, “growing tomatoes” or the “iPhone X” for a whole minute without preparation. Would it be easy for you? If not I’m glad to show you something …


There are three simple techniques that allow you to make a speech to any kind of topic almost instantly.

Is — Should — Consequence

Start by talking about how things are at the moment, than follow with how things should be and close your statement with the consequences that result from this both statements.

Up until today chewing gum is tasty only the first couple of minutes but hell yeah it’s really cheap. In my opinion chewing gum should be tasty the whole time. There I really hope that chewing gum will stay as cheap as it is today, but I hope that the industry will come up with new solutions to fix the duration of the taste.

Past — Present — Future

Describe how a process or thing has been in the past, how it is today and what it will look like in the future.

People have been growing tomatoes for hundreds when not even thousands of years. Today a lot of tomatoes are used to produce ketchup, because a lot of people enjoy it as a add-on to fries. Today the best fries are sold at McDonalds, but as people are more and more looking into what they eat I think that less and less people will visit McDonalds. Therefore I assume that we are heading into a future with less fries consumption, and therefore less tomatoes needed, which will result in a global decline for tomatoes.

Pro — Con — Result

First explain what you like about a certain thing, than display the things you don’t and round it up with your final result.

The iPhone X is an absolute beast. It comes with a great camera that can shoot stunning pictures and also the display is awesome. What is even more is that the face recognition makes it super secure and also comfortable to use. On the other hand this little item is super expensive and you literally have to wait in line for days if you want to be amongst the first ones to call it yours. To sum up, the iPhone X is an awesome smartphone for early adopters that don’t mind spending a lot of money.

Get used to this three techniques and you will never find yourself speechless when asked to come up with a spontaneous speech.