How kick ass women differ from mediocre ones

  • Kick- ass people start before they feel ready

How long have you already been waiting for ‘’the right moment’’ to start that business, to date that guy, to try that new sports?! Those who want the most of their lives and kick ass never wait for the right moment — they just take action as soon as possible. Why? Because the perfect moment will never come!

It is better to light a tiny candle than to complain about the darkness.

When you start looking for resons to NOT do something you will always find more than you even need! It doesn’t matter where you start, the only important thing is THAT you get started! — It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, but where you want to go!

Dreaming big is great but don’t be discouraged to start small!

There are so many people out there less talented than you but more successful at the same time, simply because they do stuff! Those who look like ‘’the choosen ones’’ are actually choosen by themselves! No one ever will appreciate something that only happens in your head. So take action and get shit done! Remember: What you have RIGHT NOW is enough to start.

  • Create a success environment

You don’t have to be ready but you can form your environment for success. Abandon anything in your life that might hold you back! Habits, places, people — anything! A clear mind is a top priority when you seek for your best, so make sure to let go anything that might hold you back and learn to create your own opportunities! The key is treating your money like your mind — not wasting it! Keep track of who you spend your time and energy with, your community can be the biggest asset that you have!

  • They let go of ego and work for the common good

We rise by lifting others! Sooner or later your network will be your net worth so take care of your environment and your community! Choose to be around the right people and work together closely. Each of us has his or her own goals but regardless of that we are a team of supporters seeking greatness.

There is room for everyone on the top!

Another persons success doesn’t mean your failure! Those who live long and meaningful lives are the ones who create and contribute to their community!

By becoming better you lift up the whole world and your environment, so give your best to be happier, healthier and more successful to give back to the world! By expecting the best from yourself you make yourself able to reach your potential and make the world a better place while you grow into your best version.

  • Mind your own business

Always make sure to only mind your own business. — Stress is a silent killer, so avoid unnecessary drama. Know what you stand for, what you believe in and trust in yourself. Distance yourself from anything that doesn’t support you. Try to improve on yourself. Try new things as much as possible. Think differently and most importantly TAKE ACTION.

  • Know your strenghts and believe in yourself

Success is all about knowing your strengths and playing to them. Find out what differentiates you and compensate the other parts through technology and your community! It is pretty impossible to succeed when doing something you hate.

Work is something we all have to do, so find something that you are good at and that you really enjoy! Try to figure out what you really love and then find out how to earn money doing it!

When you are aware of your strenghts and believe in yourself, then others will do so too!


  • Appreciate Failure

Every failure comes with valueable lessons. Behind every failure you can find hidden opportunities, so try to find them! Know there is no finish line and no expiration date for your dreams! Keep pushing until you have what you want.

  • Create Yourself

So many people quit their jobs, their relationships, their appartments and more to go on trips and find ‘’themselves’’.

In fact life is about creating yourself.

Actually creating your best self. Kick ass people never stop improving and always aim for more. Constant learning is key when aiming success. So create an environment in which you can grow to your full potential. Surround yourself with the right people, eat the right food, feed your mind with the right information and GROW to the best version of YOURSELF.