How to become successful with the right attitude

When looking around it seems like some people win it all in life while others don’t. One might think that success is a given gift but in fact that’s absolutely wrong.

Your success is highly related to your attitude and thinking. Thus, there are some key points that need to be considered when trying to establish that success — mindset.

  1. Preparation and repetition are key

Do you also know some of those people where it seems like they just have talent and are doing good in everything they try? Most of the time we are jealous of those people but nobody ever considers the hard work behind great work. No matter in what kind of field or work, if you prepare well you will always be better than without the preparation. When you know that you have put hours of preparation into a presentation you will also have the confidence and thus perform better at all. There is a beautiful saying: ,,We have a strategic plan. It is called doing things! ‘’

While preparation is key to success, make sure to not get overwhelmed by it. Most people spend lots of time on preparation without ever executing — do not be like most of the people! Prepare well and execute hard.

  1. Embrace Challenges

Success is all about embracing challenges and new opportunities. If you do not take chances because you do not feel ready you will never succeed. The most successful people are those who take on challenges and try to do their best.

  1. Be responsible

If you manage to believe that you yourself are responsible for everything that goes on in your life then you are already ahead of most of the people. Most of us believe that the circumstances are the reason for our failures. People who take themselves accountable are much more in control of their lives and they know that they have the power of their lives. Studies show that by our 18th birthday we have to listen to words like ‘’you can’t do that’’ up to 200.000 times, thus it is even more important to establish the right mindset and believe that we are responsible for everything that happens to us. Be hard to yourself and life will be easy, if you take it easy it will be hard!

  1. Take care of yourself and grow

The more you take care of yourself and the better you feel the better decisions you are able to make. A good wellbeing is highly relevant when It comes to being productive and successful. Additionally, the quality of our lives depend on the amount of growth we can comfortably live with. Constant growth relates to high self-fulfillment. When we look at our schedules even the busiest of us have quite a high number of minutes or even hours per day that we could use more wisely. Imagine spending each minute during commuting on listening to podcasts, audiobooks or other quality content. In most cases this would sum up to up to 4 weeks of personal development each year.

  1. Be your best version

Comparing yourself with other people mostly ends up in average. If your focus lies on above average you have to ignore others and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Only comparing yourself to your best will help you improve and focus on the path to success. Average is exhausting, passion however unleashes energy.

  1. What top performers do differently

Have you ever been wondering about what differentiates the real top performers from the average people? It is those four things that they do differently:

Regular Routines: Top performers improve and train on a regular basis, that is what differentiates them from the crowd. Most people start with trainings and routines but give up as soon as it gets hard. That’s the point where the really successful ones go the extra mile and push through comfort zones.

Coaching, Mentoring & Feedback: Many people are selfish and think too narrow when it comes to getting help. In fact, getting coaches, mentors and people who give you constant feedback is the best that you could do. Not only that you can benefit from their experiences but also, they can fasten up your progress by showing you your strengths and weaknesses.

Resistance: The last thing that highly successful people have in common is resistance. When aiming for high goals there will always be barriers and difficulties. Actually, there is nothing like the overnight success most people are aiming. Success is a long process that is only accessible to the most resistant ones.

Sustainable Decisions: Decision making is hard. Especially when it comes to big decisions that can relate to huge changes. Successful people know themselves well and are aware of their thinking and of their own process of decision making. If you have clear visions and goals then you will have leading points in your life that will help you making the right decisions.