How to spend 4 weeks on Personal Development per year

In my opinion personal development and constant, life-long learning is crucial for a healthy mindset and success. But it is not only important — it’s also doable for each of us. I bet that almost everyone could spend up to 4 weeks per year solidly on personal development and self improvement if time is used wisely. But what am I actually talking about?

Let’s have a look on all the time each day we spend on literally doing nothing. How much time do you spend on the bus/train etc during your way to work or university? In most of the cases it is a minimum of 30 minutes one way — summing up in 7 hours per week. What do you do in those 7 hours?! Probably not improving on yourself. But you could.

There is a huge amount of applications that support you in consuming information in a very short time. Blinkist and Getabstract for example are apps that provide 10 minute book summaries. Imagine consuming the key learnings of 5 books per day, would be quite a lot of improvement, right?

Furthermore there are thousands of podcasts and audiobooks that you could simply consume on the go. Not to talk about billions of free educational videos on youtube and co!

As you see there are several ways to consume information and improve yourself in every free minute of your day — your road to work, during sports, while cleaning up, while cooking or whatever. Making up 2 hours per day for the solid consumption would some up in 4 weeks per year — a huge amount of time just on improving yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Go check what works best for you and start improving yourself!