Executor vs. Manager Mode

Let’s face it. There are only two different modes you can operate when running your own business. In one mode you try to get as much things done as possible and in the second mode you try to fix all the BS that is occurring on a daily basis.

The first we call the “Executor Mode”. When in this modus all you do is focusing on working of your todos, one after the other. Before you start, you turn your phone off, lock yourself in a quite room and get rid of every other possible distraction. Goal of being an executor is to be as productive as possible and to get all the things done you haven’t found the time for so far. You screen your emails, you pay that bill, that is waiting on your desk for days, you create that one presentation you’ve been procrastinating so far and you also answer these customer inquiries.

When operating as a manager you don’t focus on your own tasks, you aim is to make everyone else happy. You give feedback to your colleagues, answer the questions of your new intern and solve all the problems with which people come to you. In addition you also focus on delegating task and communicate your goals and plans.

Both of these modes are necessarily for you to succeed with your business. The key to success is to find out when it’s time for which mode. Executor mode is preferred used in the early morning, or late at night, when no-one is awake and therefore no-one wants something from you or is planning on interrupting you. Manager tasks are best performed 9-to-5 when everyone else is also reachable.

So when scheduling your day and planing your todos always think about which of these things you better do in silence (executor) and what things you need other peoples input for (manager).